Ultimate Style Control

Transparency lays at the heart of the Zephyr theme, with the entire theme being developed around it. Every structural image is transparent to allow background colors to bleed through seamlessly.

In unison is the Color Chooser, providing extension controls, in a user friendly interface, over all style in the theme, ranging from background, text or link colors to the overlay styles.


  • Ελληνικός 90.3 Fm
  • Δημητρίου Παπασπύρου 8,
  • Λιβαδειά, Βοιωτία, 32100, GR
  • Τηλ: (+30) 22610-21020
Προβολή Χάρτη
X Radio 91.3

X-Radio 91.3

Η καλύτερη ξένη μουσική στην πόλη !

20 Χρόνια παίζει πάντα πρώτος !

Ελληνικός 90.3